Peace of Mind you can only get from an IT Solution Provider that Manages IT for wide range of industries


Doesn’t stop learning & enhancing the tools & skills to exploit the power of technology for today & future


Fully Integrated Solutions of Cabling, Network, Cloud, Security, Software, & Managed Services for your business


Founded in 2003, Infotouch Systems Inc. (Infotouch) is an I.T. Solution Provider and Systems Integrator. With years of experience, Infotouch has been successful in providing services to the industry by enhancing I.T. facilities with the use of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies at predictable operation expenses with the best support from certified engineers.


Enables everyone to be on worry-free and cutting-edge technology.


To continuously innovate and provide IT solutions through fast, efficient, reliable, secured, and scalable IT services in a predictable manner.

Our Team

Infotouch is composed of young and driven individuals who are proficient in providing I.T. solutions. Our team continuously hones their skills to keep up in today’s pulse through persistent training and field experiences in collaboration with various companies.



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1375 P. Ocampo Sr. Street, Makati, Metro Manila, PH

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