In our local industry, copper is almost everywhere. Top suppliers recommend variety of brands without actually explaining the cons and pros of using it. Some actually hide the truth about it! The following copper – facts are listed below for a better understanding of what you actually risk through using copper wire.

Financial Risk
Compare to copper, fiber is less expensive. Because fiber can run through longer distance, several miles of optical cable can be made cheaper than equivalent lengths of copper wire. A total GPON Architecture costs lesser than an ordinary Ethernet Architecture that needs upgrade overtime.
Security Risk
Copper wire transmit electric signals, therefore promote a high risk for tapping. Copper wire are easier to tap because it only requires a sensitive antenna to pick up electric signals which can cause eavesdropping.
Fire Risk
Because electricity can pass through copper, even with a minimum physical damage is prone to fire hazard.
Risk for Loss of Signal
Copper with comparison to fiber, is prone to signal loss because it is affected electrometric interferences, crosstalk, impedance problem or environmental factors such as thunder during rainy seasons.
Risk for High Power Consumption
Signals in optical fibers degrade less, lower-power transmitters can be used instead of the high-voltage electrical transmitters needed for copper wires. Again, this saves your provider and your money. Digital signals – Optical fibers are ideally suited for carrying digital information, which is especially useful in computer networks.
If you are currently depending on your copper wire, think of what you can gain and your loss possibility by using it. Compare and weigh. In some cases, copper is suitable to use than fiber and vice versa. If you want to know more regarding fiber optics and what can it do to you and your network, feel free to visit us at or you can email us at for inquiry. Don’t be ignorant on new technologies that might help your business to improve, give us a call at 813 4060 and our Technical Sales Manager will gladly assist you! 🙂