TechOps Data Backup

Infotouch Managed Data Backup is a comprehensive backup solution that takes advantage of cloud to have a dual management and monitoring of your backup. This ensures you’re backup is running 100% all the time. In every event of unsuccessful backup, Infotouch will immediately help you to solve the issues to get the backup 100% running.

Don’t Lose sleep with your backup!

Infotouch Managed Backup gives you peace of mind whenever you are. Infotouch will ensure your backups are running 100% complete. Backup that contains all your transactions, customer and company sensitive data? Infotouch Managed Backup stores your data in the cloud encrypted and can only be restored with proper credentials.

Focus on What Matters

Easily offload critical IT functions for your most important applications. Save time and increase productivity

Cloud & Local Storage

Get peace of mind by having multiple copies of your backup in On-Site and Cloud Storage


  • Windows, MAC, Linux
  • Cloud and local backup
  • Scheduled and real-time backup
  • Encryption and compression
  • Block level backup
  • System state backup
  • MS SQL server backup
  • Purge options
  • Network locations backup
  • Filtering and open files backup
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • And more…