X1 Net Manager


X1 Net Manager is a service that manage company network connection. Aside from eliminating potential threats, the service helps you avoid internet downtimes through preventing security breaches that can harm your network. X1 improves and maximize your company’s WAN availability, performance and efficiency.

“Consider us as your one-stop network service provider. With us, your convenience will be on top priority. We guarantee that we can provide you full assistance from configuration, monitoring, security and support.”

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X1 Net Manager Capabilities

Multiple WAN Connections
X1 Net Manager device has 5-port Gigabit Ethernet that allows multiple internet and network connections. Thus, has an advantage of doing auto-fail over that saves you from experiencing internet downtime. We understand that internet connection plays a vital part on your daily business activity thus we make sure it is always available when you need it.

x1diagram_VPNVPN (Virtual Private Network)
X1 Net Manager is capable of Virtual Private Network which enables user/s to access network/s remotely allows activities depending on the set accessibility/security. It provides secure and cost-effective LAN-WAN communications making it more convenient for the users to share files/data within an organization.
Security Types: Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP

x1diagram_firewallFirewall Supports
Through Firewall Support of X1 Net Manager, your network computers are protected from intentional intrusion from both outside network (w/ internet connection) and inside network (direct access). Nowadays where corporate network threats are more difficult to resolve it is important to boost I.T support and let the experts handle the complexity of your network security. Firewall guarantees to protect privacy and confidential information.
Security Types: h323, pptp, quake3, sip, ftp, irc, tftp

With X1 Net Manager Routing feature, it will provides several ways of configuring path selection of routers in computer networks.
May apply: Static Routing, Dynamic Routing, Virtual Routing and Forwarding, Policy Based Routing, Interface Routing

x1diagram_bandwidthBandwidth Manager
Bandwidth Manager feature helps you control the speed distribution. It lets you customized the speed distribution of the internet depending on your organizations priority.

x1diagram_hotspotHotspot Support
Plug & Play access to network/s
Authentication of local network clients
Users accounting
– support for Authentication & Accounting. A system that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization & Accounting.

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