GPON Technology


GPON Technology

“PON is a point to multi – point network data architecture that brings fiber to the premises thus unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises.” – Wikipedia

Due to increasing demand for bandwidth, PON or passive optical network that uses fiber and passive components are used to meet market requirements. These type of networks cost less than those who are using active components. PON are also known as FTTH or Fiber to the Home network. It state how far can a fiber run.

GPON or Gigabit – capable PON is one of the popular version of PON. GPON supports a triple – play services allowing their subscribers to experience fast TV, VoiP phone and Internet services.

What is fiber optic?

“Optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber made of extruded glass (silica) or plastic, slightly thicker than a human hair. It can function as a waveguide, or “light pipe”, to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber.” – Wikipedia

Optical fiber is usually utilize for fiber – optic communication because they can deliver great bandwidth and runs in long distances unlike cable wires.


Maximum Bandwidth
Physical Lifespan
Weight per 1,000 ft.
Energy Consumed
Cost Efficiency (100 LAN user)

Optical Fiber
30 – 50 years
4 lbs.
2 watts/user
Hard to tap
less than Php 700,000.00
5 years
100 meter (without booster)
39 lbs.
10 watts/user
Emits EMI
greater than Php 2,000,000.00

Fiber optic can run longer distance.

An optical fiber can run longer distance with a maximum physical reach of 20 km beating the 100 meter limit of copper wire (without booster). Fiber distance is flexible depending on the style of the cable, wavelength and network. Fiber optic use signals made of light that is why it can move on a higher speed and greater distance.



It is more secure in optic fiber.

Fiber optic cable, due to its components, are non – conductive, has no Crosstalk and is not affected by EMI or EMP. It doesn’t radiate signal and it’s not easy to be tapped. It is completely immune to environmental factors that affect copper wires. You can run them next on industrial equipment without any worry. They are also susceptible to temperature fluctuations than copper and they can be submerged to water.

Reduce space consumption.

Due to fiber’s lightweight thin, and more durable than copper its size makes it easier to handle and manage. It takes up 50% less space than having a copper wire on your network.



Cost Effective

Through using fiber optic cable, your company’s capital expenditure can unbelievably decrease. You can avoid cost on number of cables, coolers for maintenance and upgrades expenses.

Bright Truth

GPON is a cost effective way to upgrade and improve you data network. Through helping you reduce your expenses on energy, acquisition expenses, maintenance and upgrades plus giving a boost on your network performance, GPON is the generation technology you should be in.

Data network architecture, like any other technology is continuously evolving. If first world countries are currently enjoying these new technologies, why not you? Upgrade your data network now. Stop getting blinded by well-known brands that just kept you on spending too much monetary resources for your network. Get the truth. Get it with Infotouch and Corning.

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