Some doesn’t realize how important web – filtering is. Here are some advantages of considering web filter to your network access



Through using web filter software to your business, you are helping your employees to promote productivity by discouraging them to waste their time on inappropriate things like visiting or getting distracted on unnecessary sites.

Chat Rooms

Most people used chat rooms as a convenient way to communicate with clients or suppliers. But many chat rooms are not secure to be in for other people are using it for malicious acts like cyber sex.

File Sharing

People use internet filters software to avoid or keep their own files such as video and images from illegal trade.


Internet filtering software has settings that users can edit as they want. People can choose what websites to block and what websites to not. But if a website has been blocked by mistake, a user can adjust the settings to unblock such websites.


Safety is the major concerns for people. Children can use internet to help them in their education and to finish their homework. But if those children become curios to surf, they can surf through unsuitable websites like sexual web pages. So, internet filters help parents to protect their kids against forbidden materials.


The same for safety, people have private data which need to protect them. In business for instance, employers need to keep employees away from some sites. For example, using internet filters to block and keep customer information away from falling in wrong hands, because, such this information can leak


It is good idea to have internet filtering software to protect personal information from falling in wrong hands, because identity theft cause the most real threat for people. Hackers can access to personal information and then using it in commit fraud. Hackers can use bogus websites to access to such personal information. So having such filters is good idea to keep identity secure and safe.

Of course there are also some advantage on not having a web filter. It always depends on the user and their intended usage. Web filtering is just one of the software available on Infotouch’s . Need further details? Please email us at or may call us at 813 4060.