Access Control System

As the world continue to evolve, Inventors innovate and develop machines to improve security for organizations and to make our lives more convenient. Access control systems can be standalone or integrated with other security systems, such as intrusion detection systems, surveillance systems, and alarm systems. They are an important component of overall security systems, and they are used in a wide range of settings, including government agencies, businesses, hospitals, and schools.

Access Control Systems


Fingerprint recognition is commonly viewed as one of the most efficient and oldest types of biometric authentication. Fingerprints are easy to make and can be validated by comparing the patterns’ distinctive loops, arches, and whorls.

Facial recognition software analyzes the geometry of the face, including the distance between the eyes, the distance from the chin to the forehead, and numerous other points on a person’s face.

Facial Recognition

Voice Recognition

The form of a person’s vocal tract, which includes the nose, mouth, and larynx, influences the sound produced. Behaviorally, each person’s method of saying anything — movement changes, tone, speed, accent, and so on – is likewise unique.

The colorful part of the human eye in the form of a ring is known as the iris. Biometric verification techniques can authenticate identity with remarkable precision by analyzing the distinctive folds of these muscles.

Iris Recognition

Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging systems generally detect a high body temperature accurately when used appropriately. They do not detect any other infection symptoms, and many people with COVID-19 can be contagious without a fever.

What are the Benefits of Access Control System?

  • Reduced risk of theft

Once you have Access Control System you can restrict access so only your trusted individuals or person can enter your company.

  • Saves Money

You can save money on locks and security personnel by using access control security because you don’t need to hire security personnel or a security guard to secure and guard your place.

  • Track of who enters/exits the building

You can obtain information from an access control system on who enters and leaves a building or room and when they do so. This can be used to track staff members on-site in case there are any problems or crimes, manage fire safety, and track personnel attendance.

  • Convenience

Employees will simply scan their finger to log in on the biometric without any difficulty.





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